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Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm Monday - Saturday.


How do I get my vehicle?

Ali'i Rental Cars LLC is a licensed rental car agency on Kauai who are one of the few Turo Hosts with access to legally operate at the LIHUE AIRPORT. We are happy to Escort our Valued Guest; To and From the Lihue Airport with our shuttle vehicles.


Q: How does PICK-UP work?

A:  Ali’i Rental Cars offers Shuttle Service and will pick you up at the Lihue airport shuttle waiting area. Our Rental lot which is a 5 minute drive from the Lihue Airport is located at 2670 Niumalu Rd. Lihue, HI 96766. 


Once landed head toward the Shuttle Waiting Area 


We will provide a number for you to contact your shuttle driver when you are ready for a shuttle pickup.




Please wait patiently until you see our Shuttle Vehicle, We will pick you up at the designated rental car shuttle area which is located towards the middle of the airport across from the terminals, Once we arrive at Our Rental Lot you will pick up your vehicle and check in and follow the instructions on the Turo App.


All information regarding your vehicle will be located on your Turo Trip Details.


For Hotel Delivery; Our ARC CREW will happily drive the vehicle to the Hotel/Resort Parking Lot or an address given. Please note: We CANNOT deliver your vehicle to a any Resort or Hotel that you are NOT a current guest at.


Please Note: If you are staying within the Lihue area (3 mile radius) we deliver free🤙🏽 

Any other deliveries are a $120 Fee.

(Exceptions; Kauai Beach Resort)

How do I return my vehicle?

Q: How does DROP OFF work?       

A: If the vehicle was delivered we ARC Crew will pick up the vehicle the day of checkout/end time. Please leave the vehicle at Hotel/or address given in “like condition” as received with the GAS TANK FULL, and the KEY or KEY FOB in the middle arm rest.


Otherwise, please kindly drive the vehicle back to our Rental Our located at 2670 Niumalu Rd. Lihue, HI 96766 in the RETURNS area of Lot in “like condition” as received with the GAS TANK FULL, and the KEY or KEY FOB in the middle arm rest mahalo nui loa. 


We will also send you a Return Message 24hrs before your end trip detailed instructions as an extra reminder since we know you are enjoying the ride 🤙🏽


**Please note, if the vehicle is returned excessively dirty (example: covered in mud on the outside or seats covered in sand inside), you could be charged a cleaning fee according to TURO’s policy. Please leave the vehicle unlocked and checkout on the Turo app. 

Need a shuttle back to the airport? Utilize our shuttle service, plan ahead at request an arrangement via messages on Turo App. Keep in mind shuttle hours!



Our Shuttle Service offers Drop-off and Pick-up at the Lihue Airport to ensure you get to your Reservation and back to the airport safely!


Daily Shuttle: Free



Please notify us the day prior if you plan on utilizing the Shuttle Service so we can arrange the pick up or drop off by messaging our team through the Turo App. 

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At Ali'i Rental Cars, we strive to give a unique experience to our guest. One that transforms their vacation into something memorable. From start to finish we are involved in creating an convenient and hassle-free experience which makes you feel like you are right at home. We want to be different, something that leaves a lasting impression on you and changes the game when it comes to rental cars. Ali'i Rental Cars provides easy and convenient shuttle from Lihue Airport to our location a 5 minute drive away, no fee for additional drivers, unlimited mileage and all vehicles are automatic. We offer exact vehicles, so there is no guessing what you will be driving around the island. We have streamlined the experience for you so that you can spend more of your time enjoying our beautiful Island of Kauai.


Our staff can offer recommendations tailored towards your interests and needs with their local knowledge from growing up on the island. Simplicity and a stress free booking process ensures that you get exactly what you want and need out of your rental car.


We are revolutionizing how you rent cars on the island of Kauai and have a passion for helping you get the most out of your stay on the beautiful island we call home.


Mahalo nui loa!



*Our Location:

Guardian Self Storage

2670 Niumalu Rd.

Lihue, HI. 96766

*This location is where you will pickup your vehicle, there is not an office at this location. The Rental Booking process is online and remote.

**We have a 2 days minimum booking policy (or 25 hours), on all of our vehicles.

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Mon - Sat.

7:00am - 10:00pm


+1 (808) 652-7327

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